School Building Projects

Heyhouses Endowed Church of England School, Infant Library

During 2022 the Infant section at Heyhouses School embarked upon a long needed project to provide an improved library for their Infant children. Whilst the current provision was practical and workable, the school wanted to make reading a more enjoyable process.

A suitable professional design was selected that makes the space enjoyable, creative and safe for the children to develop their reading and linguistic skills.

Lytham Church of England School – Nursery Project

During 2021 the Primary School at Lytham were looking to expand their educational role within the town. Whilst the school provided a great education for primary aged children, the school had no space that could be readily used to expand, without requiring further investment in the building and facilities.

Following a successful application to the Foundation, we are excited to share the news that they have opened a brand new, teacher led, nursery, aimed at 3 – 4 year old’s, based inside their beautiful school.

After opening their doors with 4 pupils in January, they will end this academic year with 15 children benefiting from this support and helping the children to transition up the school in years to come.

AKS School Hall Lighting

New lighting added to ensure the hall meets exam requirements.

The current hall was the centrepiece of the school when it was first built on 1908. With its vaulted ceiling, organ and balcony it lends itself to larger gatherings such as school assemblies, and the raised stage has seen many drama and musical performances alike. Unfortunately the hall needed some major renovation in 2021 to ensure it could continue to be used.

One of the key uses of the hall is as an exam room – many O-Levels, GCSE’s and A-Levels have been sat in this room over the last 100 years. The Foundation chose to place their investment in the new lighting to ensure that the renovated hall met health & safety requirements for hosting examinations. The school chose the lighting most appropriate to fit the new renovation which they truly delighted with.

Lytham St Anne’s High School

Lytham St Annes High School has just begun on a major site redevelopment. The buildings were highlighted as requiring significant repair and the school will be one of the first to benefit from the government’s Priority Rebuild Programme. A turf cutting ceremony was held on 23rd September 2021.

Part of the redevelopment includes the provision of a new sports hall facility. Whilst the government scheme would provide this, it was felt that the school and local area would benefit from an enhanced sports facility. The Foundation were pleased to be able to offer £200k to make this a possibility.

Lytham Church of England School – Children’s Kitchen

A fantastic new facility was provided at Lytham C of E school as part of some internal renovations. The project included the renovation of the school hall into a light and airy centre piece for the school, and the better use of old cupboards and storage rooms so that there was more space to utilise the hall more often.

One of the key additions was the complete build of a kitchen that can be used by the children. All appliances are specifically aimed at children and all worksurfaces are at an appropriate height to allow even the smallest to get involved. What a fantastic facility they now have, and the fairy cakes made for us on a recent visit were delicious!